About Us

Martyn and Julie have been dancing for over 18 years, socials and dance classes locally and further afield such as Blackpool and Scarborough.  Julie has an exercise to music qualification and together they have been teaching locally for the past five years.


Our next 'Fancy a Dance?' class starts soon.  Please telephone us for more details.


Martyn's favourite ballroom Quickstep, Julie's Foxtrot

Our Favourite sequence dances: 

Sweetheart Waltz, Marfair Quickstep, Square Tango, Melody Foxtrot, Waltz Monet


Martyn's favourite Latin dance Jive, Julie's CCC

Our Favourite sequence dances:

Rumba One (also danced to jive timing), Sally Anne Cha Cha Cha (with the Oi), Sweet Bay Salsa, Charnwood CCC


Which is your favourite?